Specialist Audits Peterborough

Apart from those organisations who are required to have mandatory audits due to company regulation, some business entities are required by their professional bodies and their constitutions to have an independent review or non–statutory specialist audit.

These can include:

  • Estate agents
  • Property owners
  • Service charge administrators
  • Franchisors
  • ABTA reviews
  • WEEE reviews

We have experience in dealing with these and many other areas so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.
Many other organisations fall below the statutory limits of size, at which point an audit is required, but still feel that there is a benefit from an independent review or non-statutory audit. The benefit of adopting this particular process is that the company can determine specific areas where we, as accountants are expected to direct our focus and attention. Since the reporting is for the benefit of the shareholders, having been shaped by their wishes, some of the statutory and documentation issues, which surround the formal audit process can be ignored, thus reducing the cost, and allowing effort to be directed specifically into other areas, where there may be a degree of concern.

The resulting report is produced as an independent accountant’s review, and whilst it is not a direct replacement for the formal audit certificate, it does give a high degree of comfort to users of the accounts.

Our audits are performed and managed by qualified staff, using computer audit software, which ensures that the cost of the audit is competitively priced. We will share our costing structures with you so that you can see how fees are generated.
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